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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company provide reasonable prices for all the services?

Yes, we do. Our company’s strong dedication in providing quality service also encompasses fair and reasonable prices. We are a company focused on providing the best products and services without compromising the quality.

When you say fair prices, how much is it really?

Well, it depends on the service and product you might need. Generally, our price listing is the most competitive in the market. Feel free to give us a call, and we would be happy to answer all your questions immediately.

Is the company available to provide service at any time?

Of course! We operate 24/7 where our stand-by employees and crew are there to provide the service you require. We assure you that our service is available at any of time, and this goes for all our  customers.

Are all your service crew member really certified legitimate professionals?

Yes, they are. Our service crew members have the necessary certificates to assure you of the service that they are providing . Our company would not hire technicians who  are not qualified because we are committed to serving you well.

Does it take long to perfectly fit the garage door?

When it comes only to fitting, 5 hours would normally be the maximum time we’ll need. However, this would still depend on the complexity of the whole garage structure. The company assures you that our crew members are trained to work fast and with high quality.

When overhauling the whole garage door, is track replacement necessary?

New doors mean a new sliding track, as most doors are customized to certain tracks. Besides, it would save you time and money if the whole thing is replaced. The new track means perfect fitting and less worries.

How do I measure my garage door correctly and accurately?

Measure the width by height for the garage door structure. For the width, it is from the left, middle, up to the right. Then when it comes to its height, it would be from the top, middle, to the bottom.

Do you have a showroom that shows all the products?

We do. Please check our address, and you could drop by our office. We would be glad to assist you in checking our offerings with complete details, style, finish, and feel. Make the appointment, and we would be happy to assist you.

Are your products and services limited to residential works only?

No. We provide residential and commercial services for all your garage door needs. These include repair, installation, renovation, overhaul, and upgrade services. Give us a call, and we would be very glad to tell you about our offers.

Are the products and services you provide safe for customers?

Yes. Our products are systematically tested and deemed of the highest quality. Our services are provided in a professional way. We have a properly trained crew, helpful employees, and the best lineup of products and services to address all of your concerns.

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