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Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Roller Service By Magnus Garage Door Repair Richardson TX

What You Need to Know About Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are one of the small parts of your garage door that you may not often notice. But that does not make it any less important. Rollers are found on overhead sectional garage doors. The roller consists of a stem and a wheel found on the end of the stem. The stem is made of metal while the wheel is covered in either plastic, steel, or nylon. The rollers sometimes have ball bearings, which help them function. The rollers work by having the metal stem inserted into slots found on the skeleton of the garage door. It is this skeleton that is connected to the panels. The wheel part of the roller is then part of a metal track that is placed overhead on the ceiling. This means that it is the rollers that allow the overhead garage door to move up and down. A typical garage door will have 8 to 12 rollers, although garage doors of businesses, particularly those that use large trucks, obviously have more rollers. Without these rollers, the garage door would not be attached to the ceiling, meaning the mechanism that pulls it would simply drag it across your garage, damaging your car along the way. Because of the huge role these rollers have, proper care and maintenance is essential. You want your rollers to serve you well, and you definitely do not want them to be causing you any problems.

Your Choice of Roller

Unless you opt for a roller garage door, picking rollers will be an important decision. While it may be true that most garage doors already come with rollers, these often are not the best option. For one, the most common roller that comes with your garage door has wheels covered in plastic. These are often not as good as desired as they are the easiest to break. Plastic rollers often have the shortest lifespan. Sometimes, you can choose to replace your plastic rollers with those covered with steel or nylon with just a minimal add-on to the price. However, there are times when this will not be an option provided by your seller. You may want to consider buying better rollers anyway, as these last much longer. Aside from the covering of the wheels, you should also take a look at whether the rollers have ball bearings. While some may prefer their rollers not to have ball bearings, ball bearings are often ideal, as these can significantly extend the lifespan of your roller. The only additional requirement ball bearings have is the need to be oiled, which is a minor chore if anything at all. Another important thing you need to consider when buying new rollers is to make sure that it fits the tracks on your overhead garage door. While these usually come standard, there are sometimes larger sizes, often meant for much larger garage doors.

Garage Door Rollers
Garage Door Rollers Service Richardson
Garage Door Roller Richardson TX

Maintain and Replace

There is no repairing a broken roller. The only way to deal with rollers is to maintain them properly so that they last longer. But you will eventually have to replace them. If you want to extend the lifespan of your garage door rollers, then you will have to follow proper maintenance procedures. In the case of rollers with ball bearings, this means lubricating them at least once a year. This will allow it to last much longer than if they were not lubricated or if you had rollers without ball bearings. The more important step is inspection. You need to make sure that you catch early signs of breakage in the rollers. This means inspecting them once a month on your own. It is also good to inspect them once or twice a year with a professional service, like Garage Door Repair Richardson Texas, along with the rest of your garage door. Once you have determined that your rollers are damaged, then it is time to replace them. Replacing a roller requires that you bend the track in order to create a slot for your old rollers to exit and for your new rollers to enter. The last two rollers on the top-most part of your garage door will need to be removed a different way. You will need to bend the actual track in order to remove them. Remember to unbend everything before you start using your garage again. It is also important that you make sure your garage door motor does not suddenly activate in the middle of replacing your rollers.

Garage Doors Roller Professionals

When it comes to garage doors, whether it is an overhead garage door or roller garage doors, you can count on us at Magnus Garage Door Repair to make sure that your needs are met. As long as you are in Richardson, TX, we are exactly what you need. We have been dealing with all garage door parts, including rollers for years. All our experts are highly equipped to deal with any problem with your garage door, as they each have years of experience under their belt. When it comes to rollers, we can help you every step of the way. If you need professional advice with buying the right rollers, we can be there to assist you. If you want help maintaining your rollers and lubricating the ball bearings, our years of experience are at your service. If you need help identifying and replacing damaged rollers, then you need not say anymore. Just give us a call and we will be there to assist you within the hour. If you think that all you need is help over the phone, we will even give that for free. You do not need to worry about adjusting to our schedule, as we operate 24/7, including holidays. We ensure that you will get the service you need when you need it. Since you only want what is best for your garage door, we promise you premium service every single time.