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Trusted Garage Door Services In Richardson TX Since 2005


We expert in all the garage door openers drive type: belt, screw, chain and direct, from the best manufactures on the market: Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman and more.


We specialise in all kinds of commercial and residential garage door installation services, ranging from installation of doors and panels to installation of other brand new parts.


Our team is a group of specialists that provide 24 hour emergency garage door repair service. Due to the dedication and professionalism, we have created a loyal following with our clients.


Worn garage rollers can cause a lot of troubles to the your garage door functionality. Don’t waste the time and call today to get a brand new OEM rollers.


A garage door springs is a very integral part of the your garage door and if it breaks then the repair becomes very difficult to be done. We change your spring to a new one.


A lot of the parts and even the door itself will get worn down and eventually get spoiled. To avoid this, maintenance services should be done on a regular basis.

Garage Door Service Richardson TX

The servicing of a garage door should be as important as servicing your automobile.  A modern garage door is now a complex set of interrelated technologies.  It is  no longer just  a hinged door found outside your house. However, this is how people treat their garage door.  It always opens up everyday, so what can  go wrong with it?  If it is not regularly checked and maintained, things will start to progressively go wrong, even with a modern garage door.

A good service can also mean being able to supply and install a new garage door, if needed  If you live in Richardson TX, you will be able to contact us at Garage Doors Richardson. We can cover a number of services.  These  include, repairs, installation, and maintenance.  The following components can be serviced or replaced: openers, rollers and springs. These would include all the other elements found in a modern garage. The garage door services of Richardson can cater to all the major makes of garage doors, so repairs and replacements should not be a problem.  If you have an emergency, we are available 24/7. We will get to you quickly and rectify most problems on the spot.

An emergency may not be your fault, like a vehicle reversing into the garage door.  However, other problems will arise if you fail to undertake a regular routine of inspecting your garage or getting in the experts to do this

The Best Garage Door Services of Richardson

You will need to get into the same routine you perform regularly on your automobile. You check the body work of your car so you will need to check the exterior of your garage door, too. If you feel there is a mechanical problem with your car, you take it to the garage to get it fixed. 

If you suspect that there is a problem with any of the mechanisms operating your automatic garage door, you should also contact garage door service Richardson TX.  Once a month, you should make a visual inspection all round the garage door,.  Open the garage door to see if you notice anything different. Listen out for sounds, too. Visually inspect the individual components, springs, coils, rollers and guides. Do not forget the weatherproofing around the door.  This can crack and break in time, allowing rain and dirt to enter the garage from outside.

If you notice even slight dents on the exterior panels of the garage door, these will need sorting out. The more damage there is, the more chance this will upset the balance of the garage door, which could stress the garage door mechanisms. Again, this will let the elements from outside enter the garage possibly.

Any problems with the opener will also need expert assistance. The opener systems could need regular servicing. A common problem is the photo eye being out of alignment, causing the door not to open. Mechanical systems are a critical part of the modern garage door.

Seek Professional Help

Servicing and maintaining the internal mechanisms of a garage door is essential if the doors are to open properly. Chain or belt drive systems will  need regular checking and servicing. These lift the garage doors. Chain and belt drives will wear in time. They will need to be regularly lubricated.

Nuts, bolts and fixings may start working loose. Our garage door services of Richardson will involve a qualified technician to tighten these nuts with the correct tap wrench, making adjustments and replacing worn parts. Even if you have an engineering background, let trained technicians do the job properly.

The roller systems help to smoothly open and close a panel door. Again, in your monthly visual check, look for any damage to the tracking.  Carefully clear out any dirt that might have gotten in there. If these get dented or the tracking goes out of alignment, then the door could get jammed.  The rollers are made from either nylon or steel.. These in time will get damaged, dented, and worn. They are “locked” into the guide by a hinge. To remove these, the door must be secured by a proper clamp. Again, specialists will be needed for this.

Torsion  and extension springs have an important role in maintaining the balance and smooth operation of the garage door.  These are high tension springs. Any worries with the garage door, call in the experts. Do not attempt to replace these yourself. They can spring out and cause a serious injury.

Garage Door Services of Richardson

You may need a new garage door for a number of good reasons. Getting a new garage door is pretty straight forward.  Get in touch with us at Magnus Garage Door Repair in Richardson TX.  We will have a variety of different new garage designs in fiberglass, wood, steel or aluminum.  Care will be taken to match the new garage door to the overall appearance of your home or business premises. You can make your own changes by using a design program. Once your design has been decided upon and there has been  an initial site visit, a quote and price can be decided upon. This will lead to a detailed check of the garage.  Sizes and information will then be recorded. A date for the installation can be decided upon, and the new garage door can be installed.  You will have full details about how to operate and maintain the new garage. The site will be properly tidied up and your old garage door will be removed. 

Reasonable  financial arrangements can be made.  The new garage door you have purchased from our garage door services Richardson TX is a long term investment.  It will add value to your property.

 The greater security afforded by a new garage door could help reduce your home insurance and may be of benefit to your car insurance as well. The initial cost may seem high, but you will recoup this outlay.  However, the garage doors must be regularly inspected and maintained.